Free N99 Mask Outreach

Me and Dr. Beason (ER Doc)


PDF Instructions

As some of you might be aware, the COVID-19 pandemic has caught the world by surprise and the protective medical supplies we need to help fight this virus are scarce. 

I have teamed up with my friend Kris Black and her husband Chris Black, to produce masks for doctors, nurses and first responders in the Birmingham area...but we need more help.  I have personally supplied 3,000 sqft of N99 surgical drape material (better than N95) and other supplies, but we dont currently have enough to meet the demand.  I have an amazingly talented team of volunteer sewers to make these masks, but they are overwhelmed and could use more assistance as well.  

If you want to volunteer to sew, get supplies, deliver/ship materials or finished masks, please fill out the form below.

We are also accepting donations via "Go Fund Me".

Also know that this outreach doesn't stop in Alabama. If you have friends or family that work in the medical field, or are first responders in other states, let's make sure to send them the protective masks or materials that they need.

I speak not just for myself, but for everyone on the frontlines...we thank you sincerely. 


Please do not start mask production without first receiving the proper materials from my team. We want to ensure each mask offers the proper protection.

Thanks for your support!